• Science educations

    For the simplification of science conundrum, we provide well equipped lab with modern apparatus. To work out math complexity with a view to up keep students with modernity, we provide math lab with highly ornated mathematical appliances.

  • Art and Music

    In keeping with an up to date facility for art and Music have been created to impact creative learning to student

  • Game and Physical education

    Facility for outdoor games such as cricket, hockey, football. Indoor games such as table tennis, chess, carom etc and Athletics is provided along with elaborate arrangements for physical education.

  • Computer education

    Modern facility for computer education has been provided to keep students abreast with modern education.We have latest computers in our computer lab.Students can design their own websites on latest software through fastest colour computers. They have their E-mail ID on Internet.

  • Medical Facility

    The school has a part time medical officer and a nursing assistant a separate medical room which caters to routine medical problems. A health file is maintained for each student.

  • Educational Tours

    Visits will be arranged to places of cultural, scientific, historical and geographical interest in order to cultivate a sense of respective for our national heritage.